Explore Granite Tops As an Option for Kitchen Counters

granite topsGranite Tops the List for Countertop Choices

Today's homeowners have a wide range of choice regarding countertop surfacing. Newer man-made materials such as Corian©, lava stone or paper-bamboo composites are popular, although some people still prefer tried and true options like wood or ceramic tile. However, granite is the number one choice amongst consumers, taking 56% of market share in a recent survey.
Why is granite such a good choice? Perhaps it's because granite combines so many desirable properties for countertops.

Granite: Beautiful and Natural

First, granite is extremely attractive. Granite was once used only in luxury homes, since it lends an air of elegance to any room. It contains components that catch the light, giving it a depth that other materials can't match. Each piece of granite is unique, making your kitchen counter a one-of-a-kind installation. And, to many people's surprise, granite comes in a vast array of colours and types. While cream, brown, and black granite remain the most sought-after shades, granite is also available in versatile blues, reds, and in dramatic patterns that combine two or more colours. You may choose from several finishes from honed (matte) to highly polished.
Another thing to consider is that granite is a natural substance. With the environment and health high on most peoples' lists of concerns, many homeowners prefer to use natural materials in their homes. People get a feeling of warmth and welcome when surrounded by natural fabrics and substances. And using natural rather than synthetic materials tends to give peace of mind to consumers who are anxious about off-gassing chemicals.

Granite Outperforms Other Counter Substances

Finally, granite is a very efficient counter material. Granite is igneous rock created far below the earth's surface. Molten magma crystallizes, fusing quartz, feldspar, and mica very tightly together. Granite is one of the hardest substances on earth, rating high on the Moh's scale. It has been used as a building and decorative material for many centuries – even some of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt feature granite bricks.
This means that a granite countertop is extremely tough and durable. Although you may have to invest more to install a slab granite countertop, you will never have to replace it. Your granite counter will last for many decades to come, and will add resale value to your home.
Granite, when properly sealed, is water resistant and stain resistant. Because it is an igneous rock, it's highly heat resistant, so you don't have to worry about toasters or toaster ovens damaging the surface. Granite countertops require little in the way of maintenance. They can be cleaned with mild detergent and warm water, and, when buffed with a soft cloth, retain their gloss.
ConsumerReports.org states: "Granite earned its spot as the most popular counter courtesy of its good looks and durability. Indeed, in our countertop tests granite was the only stone that could resist heat, scratches, and, when properly sealed, stains.”
Visit a natural stone importer's showroom today, and explore the many advantages of installing granite tops on counters in your home!